The Art of fashion-2

Bodycon Sep 19, 2019 No Comments

Previously I have given an overview of most common fabrics used in making clothes as per style and occasion. Among all those the best and the most comfortable I find is cotton.

Cotton is light and a thin cloth which has audacity and versatility to except any style.


The cotton fiber is called as king of natural fiber and is harvested from mallow a family of flowering plants.  Cotton is extensively used in different parts of the world in shaping the clothes in style and fashion. An exceptionally weather adaptable and comfortable fabric has 50% of its share towards apparel and textile.  This fiber is twisted together to form a yarn to make it soft and breathable textile. Though the cultivation of cotton was done since ages but now, the cotton gin (A machine for separating cotton from seeds) has been brought in the market to lower the manufacturing cost as the use for cotton is large and numerous in all most all parts of the world.

Taking about Organic cotton,

Organic cotton is grown in the subtropical region of the world which includes India, China, Turkey and some parts of the USA. The farming of organic cotton does not include chemicals and pesticides and therefore it is counted in sustainable development initiative movement. In the United States, there is an act by the law which says if anyone wants to sell their product with the label of “Organic” must meet the standards established enforced by The State organic program (SOP).  Producers must elaborate their method of production which must be necessarily approved by state certifying agency.

Production of organic cotton is becoming huge in number. The major counties cultivating and producing the organic cotton are India (51%), China (19%), Turkey (7%) and Kyrgyzstan (7%)


So, how all this makes sense when comes to clothing and fashion? Well,

It does not only save the life of farmer’s factory workers and land fertility but is also good for sensitive skin, children, prone to allergies people and suits all types of climatic change. It is soft and more durable which gives a better look and last for long.


Keeping all these in mind we have chosen Organic cotton as our fabric to display our fashion and style