The Art of Fashion

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Nowadays, wearing clothes which are trendy has become a taboo, due which a lot of people go through wardrobe malfunction. This has become common amongst youngsters who follow film stars and TV stars. Fashion is a feeling of being confident. Choosing clothes as per occasion and location makes it look sensible

Choice of clothing is an expression of self-care and it is believed that how they dress can make them feel better about themselves and boost their mood. Our clothes make a huge difference in what people think about us because our first appearance is our first impression.

Likewise, material/fabric we wear also play a major role in being comfortable with ourselves. There are numerous fabrics and their mixtures exist some for fashion and some for comfort choosing the right fabric for your fashion and style can be a bit hard and tricky.  

Cotton: This is an ideal material for patchwork and creating lightweight garments.

Denim: Denim is a strong, sturdy material traditionally made from cotton warp yarn and a white cotton filling yarn. This material does not limit up to clothes but accessories and fancy furniture as well.

Fleece: An inexpensive lightweight and soft yet strong material made from a type of polyester with synthetic fibers which is capable of insulating heat

Polyester: This fabric has great durability, fantastic color retention, and wrinkle/shrink-resistance. Though it does not give nature feel like cotton and wool but is however inexpensive.

Rayon: A semi-synthetic fiber which is extremely versatile. Although soft, comfortable, smooth and absorbent, rayon has an extremely low elastic recovery and fails at insulating heat

Satin: It is a soft and glossy textured material which gives a luxurious look.

Silk: A protein fiber, constructed from cocoons of the larvae of Mulberry Silkworms. It has smooth and non-slip texture. It loses its strength over time.

Velvet: A woven fabric which has soft fur like luxurious texture and sumptuous appearance.

                            “Fabric is the main ingredient in styling your clothes. Choose wisely”